Scholarships and Sponsorships

We asked you if being a rider was a way to support a long-term ambition outside of Deliveroo, and a lot of you said it was. So we’ve partnered with two different companies to bring you even more choices when it comes to picking your future career path.

Railway Sponsorships

Have you always dreamed of your career on the railway? City & Guilds are offering 25 sponsorships for Deliveroo riders. After you’ve completed the sponsorship you’ll have a guaranteed interview and you could be earning between £150 - £350 per day after landing the job offer.

How does it work?

If you decide you want to continue your learning in this area, you could be earning even more.

How? Once you complete the sponsorship you can then do an extended course in a specialist railway subject worth over £2,000. We’ll cover the cost of that course. 

Sponsorship: This programme is 20 days of learning, spread over a few months and will be delivered in person in Doncaster, Enfield & Birmingham. The deadline for the application is April 18th.

Extended course: This additional skills training is equivalent to up to 15 days but split over a longer period of time.

Deliveroo funded courses include:

  • Assistant Welder
  • Machine/Crane Controller Initial
  • OLEC 2
  • Controller of Site Safety Initial
  • Safe System of Work Planner Initial

What's the Railway sponsorship process?

If you're eligible for these courses you'll have received an email from us detailing what is on offer to you.

After receiving your eligibility email, you'll then need to complete the sign-up form, which can be found using the 'apply now' button below.

Once you have filled in all your information and submitted the form, Deliveroo will review and contact the successfully shortlisted candidates.

City & Guilds will then be in contact with the successful applicants to start the sponsorship process!

The deadline to apply for this scholarship is now closed.

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